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The ‘Barbie Girl’ song was and still is the universal anthem that pops into people’s minds when you talk about Barbie. It’s upbeat, catchy, and fun. it’s a song about a doll. I guess it’s okay if Barbie finds life in plastic pretty fantastic. Globally famous superhit and a small child’s all-time favorite kid's tune. a culture that glorifies bodies perfected by plastic surgery. It's a pop song, but it's also a song about how it's OK to be who you are, love who you are, and be yourself. Barbie Girl Aqua music video. it's a song that wasn't for kids if you were to listen closely to the lyrics. Knowing the meaning of the song being one we thought was a kids' tune is weird, but nowadays it's pretty catchy and upbeat. My only complaint is the fact the singers don't look like Barbie and Ken since they don't have the best job done on their make-up. But other than that it's a catchy song even if the lyrics are just realized to be weird.

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