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Full marks to the filmmaker for giving full justice to “Raje Shiv Chhatrapati” greatness and people’s immense respect and love for him. it received generally positive reviews and was declared a commercial success. Amche Nav, Amche Jat, Amche ragat Shivaji” is an attempt to pay great tribute to forgotten heroes who fought for Swarajya. Farzand was one of them. For all Maharaj devotees farzand is the film they were waiting for and for the Marathi Audiences too for the time experience a spirited historical epic that has great performances and also shies from too much Jingoism. In the story to recapture the fort, a mission is planned and Shivaji appoints Kondaji Farzad. The spy and informer Kesar(Mrunmayee Deshpande)helped in defeating 2500 soldiers of the enemy to win the Panhala fort in just Three and a Half hours. Very little is known about Farzand, the Maratha warrior who fought for Chatrapati Maharaj’s dream of gaining Swarajya. Historians were very biased towards unsung Maratha Heroes. He was a skilled warrior who was specialized in warfare(sword fighting, wrestling)climbing high-scale peaks, and planning battle strategies. He not only captured Panhala Fort but also avenged Shivaji Maharaj for capturing Panhala.

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