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At times, hearing the song “Hridayi vasant Fultana..premat rang yave from the film “Ashi hi Banva Banvi” touches heart and soul immensely. . What a superb script,direction,star cast, music, and choreography! Everything is just amazing. Ashok Saraf,Laxmikant Berde, and Sachin guys rock. And great, funny, loving, and the best movie. It remains fresh even if you watch it for the nth number of times. Such movies come out once in a millennium, and they will be cherished forever and ever. It wouldn't be wrong if we called this movie a milestone in the Marathi cinema industry. It’s the best comedy movie of all time. The cast of the film, especially, all played their characters mind-blowingly. It is a masterpiece. Whenever there is a mention of this movie while gossiping with friends, a big smile appears on the face, and automatically a scene from the movie appears in front of the eyes. No review is required; this kind of movie was made once in a millennium and cannot be recreated as that era,performers,actors, audience, etc. cannot be matched with the current generation's still-all-time-watchable and awesome movie. it has wonderful and heartbreaking songs and words. It communicates audible feelings of affection and devotion. The satisfaction of experiencing this song is made greater by a remarkable voice. It's a lovely and attractive work of creativity that is extremely expressive and powerful.” The assessment appreciates the song’s poetic lyrics and musical arrangement, highlighting its requiring melody and layers of emotion. It also appreciates Maharashtra Shahir’s Sanjay Narvekar’s performance. This movie is full of comedy and was the best ever created in the Marathi industry. It changed the scope of the Marathi film industry and is known as an important milestone. Its references are still used today in all forms of media; it is irreplaceable.

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