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The most amazing Timepass-Rang Bavarya swapnana theme ringtone in now available in both mp3 and m4r formats, so it's perfect for your super cool Android or iPhone. It’s also super easy it is to share this epicness on Facebook and WhatsApp! Get ready to immerse yourself in 00:38 seconds of pure musical delight. You can even download it!

Teenage love and its many-layered emotions range from purity in thought to a brevity that’s endearing. Madness in love at the age of 16 is purely mentioned in the “Mala ved laagle Premache” ringtone. While its depth never ceases to amaze you, its craziness warms your heart. and the love story of paper-boy Dagdu(Prathamesh Parab) and college-going Prajkta(Ketki Mategaonkar) is has all these emotions. Watch the unfold, as cynical adults you read the impossible nature of all right away. but when you see the innocence of young love unfold on screen in a fun manner. Director “Ravi Jadhav” forces the adults to do rethink on love, even as he complies with the young ones to see reason in love. The 1st love is the last love shown very clearly. Romantic and comedy for audience and it is worth it. The film has received highly positive reviews. Timepass was a huge financial success and a milestone in the Marathi film industry and an all-time blockbuster. This song sung by Ketaki Mategaonkar and Swapnil Bandodkar is now playing everywhere as a ringtone on the mobile of the youth. The song has received over a million views on every platform. The use of music in the background is commendable.

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