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When it's making a film on a personality then “Chatrapati and his Mavals” is the biggest subject, Farzand is based on how the journey of conquering “Panhala” began and how it ended which was still enough to make one solid film. “Vajrabahu-Mahabahu” Kondaji Farzand who is Toughest warrior from Marathi Mavals.It is a Historical Milestone in Marathi Cinema. The lyrics are very perfect. Amitraj’s Music is like up and down. Half the songs are catchy, half are dead. though the lyrics are meaningful. It is an appraisable attempt to make such a movie in the Marathi film Industry. Salute to makers. Maharashtra has a very well-known history and in that, the period of Shivaji Maharaj is of pride to us all. Adilshah from Bijapur was the strongest enemy of Swarajya and the ruler of Konkan and Maharashtra. Adilshah declared war against Shivaji and captured the Panhala fort. After several attempts to recapture the fort. he has failed, Adilshah is a tricky politician, appointed the brutal Beshakh Khan as the guardian of the fort.FARZAND is a movie about 60 great warriors led by Kondaji, which portrays their great achievements in capturing Fort.

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