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The actual description of the slums in the movie “Sairat” is the best any director can achieve. Music i yet another aspect to praise.” Yad Lagla, Yad Lagla” this ia Symphonic ride that can never get enough of the love balled which is impossible to stop humming.This is one of the best most realistic tunes from the overall collection.Created a sensation with its album back in 2016.till today,the album is being celebrated for its extraordinary, refreshing soundtrack and combination of Maharashtrian folk music with Western symphonic music.” Sairat” became the 1st Indian movie to be recorded with a live symphony Orchestra in Hollywood.Each line of each song in the album evokes a sense of passion and love while weaving in the beautiful love story between two youngsters coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds.The romantic relationship between “Archie” and “Parshya” is best accompanied by intense music given by “AJAY-ATUL”.The plot of background seems sp realistic as compared to rural India, giving the essence of the casterism issues going to arise later in the film.The director comes up with his Masterstroke ending. which is unpredictable and leaves the audience with an emotional trauma.It raises questions and highlights another major social issue prevalent in India. Really outstanding and the best Indian romantic ever in India which shows discrimination on the love of caste, religion, and color where the performance by every Marathi star lives their roles especially their intense will be astonishing where performance by both lead actors was brilliant and the authentic Akash and Rinku just nailed it.

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